reboot camp: day four

Our Brief:

"I would like you to work in pairs to film a short, 2 minute piece, on campus marking the end of the module and demonstrating the best of what you have learnt in the video strand this year. This can be a factual, fiction or abstract/experimental piece but what I would like you to do is to plan to shoot this as an 'in camera' sequence. That is, to film your piece in order, with each shot the right length - meaning that minimal, if any, editing is required. This is a real challenge for planning and forward thinking and a very disciplined way of working."

Matt had asked us to do this task in pairs. Luckily Kim text me and asked if we could work together and I am SO glad she did.

I love the little film we made

We spent about half an hour writing out the story and shot list. We shot it in order and kept the shots the right length. Of course, we did record a voice over and added a little music...