reboot camp: day five and love notes from Assad

Explanation of the 2nd Year

So today, Paul Baldwin, Lucy Jolly and Warren Harrison (I don't think there were any other lecturers present. Can't recall any...) gave us a little talk on what to expect next year and the modules we will be covering.

As Film & TV people I gather we are having "Making It In The Media" which will be mostly about funding and commissioning and horrible stuff like that. I think that links into "Storytelling" too. I vaguely heard something about a lot of writing we have to do and surveys concerning 'current issues in the media' or something that sounds clever. Wasn't too hot on that either. We also have "Advanced TV Studio", which may include organised 'accidents' during a TV show to see how we cope in moments of crisis. Doesn't the army do that kind of thing? Great idea in my opinion. 

During the talk, I heard the word 'autonomous' repeated rather a lot. The dictionary defines 'autonomous' as 'self-governing' or 'independent' which means we are expected to research and produce work independently and put effort into learning without being spoon fed. 

You would think that would be right up my street but it left me feeling a bit cold and lost to be honest. 

Having been home schooled until the age of 14 I am used to being an autonomy when it comes to learning and working but I think this year I'd settled into being asked to produce things and bossed around and given tasks and now I've got to go and to do it all on my own again. 

Which is life. I know. 

"Love Notes from Assad"

Speaking of autonomous projects, I have recently written and directed a short film called "Love Notes from Assad". I wrote it after being in a discussion about Assad's wife. People were criticising her for not speaking out and going shopping while her people are dying. And then the UN wives made a video for Assad's wife appealing to her to speak out. The video contrasts her shopping with dying children. And it just made me angry.

Yes, it would be right for her to speak out and yes it may seem heartless to go shopping when your country is in a civil war but these are Westerners with a Western mindset, commenting and accusing a Middle Eastern woman on her Middle Eastern relationship with her husband.

What if she can't speak out? How do you know what she can and can't do? And what makes you think she has been brought up with the mental freedom you have? 

Anyway, rather than ranting this out in a blog (as I just did) I wrote a short script. It is a very subtle script and it is written knowing that Westerners may not get it. It is a little abstract but I am very happy with it. 

It stars two PLARM students, Mark and James and was shot by my dad and Hiristiyan (Chris) Demircihev. I am the main character PURELY because I needed a girl to speak Turkish and I am the only person I know without paying for someone to travel up here for the filming. I have no intentions of being an actor.

The second half was shot by dad at home with a strict storyboard and me directing...

...and the first half was shot at Uni with less of a storyboard so I left the shots more to Chris:

It is currently in edit being sound designed but it will be ready very soon, hopefully by the first or second week in May. 

This blog is going to take a bit of a different tone from now on. I will still be writing about any lectures or seminars we do at Uni but from now on I will also be writing about any short films or productions I make in connection with Uni.

It is all part of my autonomy