reboot camp: the end


Today each group had to show two pieces of work they had produced over this term and were then critiqued by some 2nd year students.

Then the 2nd years showed us some of their current work. There was one drama called "Needs" which was particularly impressive. Very nicely shot. Clever premise. I won't spoil it for anyone but it was very well written and without dialogue. Plus it had a gorgeous little animation in the credits.

Looking at all the work from the different groups was really interesting. For a start it made me realise there is a lot of talent in the year. It also made me realise that talent could have been channeled better.

Looking back

Lucy asked us what we thought we needed more teaching on. Everyone said lighting. I think we all would have liked sessions on lighting and kits at the start of the year. Some people also added that learning composition and framing would have been good too.

I think the technical stuff needs to be emphasised much more in Boot Camp and the early weeks of the 1st Year. Get a really old school BBC cameraman, bring him in and have him hammer the rules into everyone till they bleed.

I also think having someone like Tom Gutteridge critique 1st Year video films a couple of times during the 1st Year would make everyone learn faster. If you had about two screenings, like today, but bringing in an experienced outsider to comment, after the first one everyone would buckle down and feel the pressure to make something better for next time.

The critic needs to be someone a bit scary as opposed to Lecturers/Tutors. (Lecturers are slightly scary at first but then they lose their aura when you hear them singing) I think that we needed more negative feedback this year and a compulsory critiques screening would make you learn more. The minute you put your film on a big screen, in a dark room with an audience, in front of someone you're slightly intimidated by and don't know, you take it a lot more seriously. Plus the feedback would be non-biased, which I think is good at the start.