The day the BBC called...

While I was on holiday in Memphis, I noticed Warren Harrison had put out an opportunity to work as a runner on a BBC drama production being filmed in the North East. It sounded great but when I actually started reading and researching the series I got that little flutter in my stomach. I have such a passion for drama and I want to make drama so much. This was the perfect opportunity. So I hastily started planning my cover letter and CV ready to send when I got home from holiday. I applied to be a Production Runner and sent it off.

Then I waited. After a few weeks I had talked myself out of hoping for the placement. So when I got a call from the BBC today it totally threw me.

"Hi Jaime, this is Clare from the BBC."
"Oh Hellloooo!" Yes. That's what I sounded like. Very uncool.

She wanted to know if I had access to a car and could I drive to Durham if I got the placement.


Would I be available for an interview either Thursday or Friday if I was chosen?


"Have a great evening!" Yes. That was me. I had now crossed the borders of Uncool and wandered into Burkland. End call.

Now to wait and see...