The day I walked into my dream world...

11 a.m.

I pulled up in a car park a little way from the BBC production office. My interview was at 12. One whole hour early.

I turned on Smooth FM pulled out my Blackberry and started doing some last minute research on anything I could unearth about the series, writers and crew. All information had been exhausted.

At 20 minutes to, I decided to set off on the short journey to the production office itself. Arriving at quarter to would look conscientious. Arriving an hour early would have looked seriously uncool.

As I drove round the winding road, glancing at the directions the BBC voice had sent me via email, I got a warm tingly feeling gradually working its way from the outside in. This looked like a beautiful self-contained, perfect film production set. Like the ones you see in films about young men and women on their first day on a film set. I felt like that guy out of 'My Week With Maryln."

The little sheet of paper I had printed off, with the words "BBC" stamped authoritatively at the top, had informed me that I could park in any BBC space. I found a space and hesitated as I saw the little red sign.


I slowly drove my little black car into the spot marked "BBC" and sat there for a while, basking in the glory of it. Then I took a deep breath and got out of the car.

The interview took place in one of the back rooms of the Art Department. It was very relaxed, I got asked about the future (which is always difficult) and about the course at Teesside (easy) I did notice that compared to any other interviews I've done, this was the most relaxed because I knew I would never run out of words. I love drama. I love BBC drama. I love period drama. I had even started reading the book.

And the more I was told about the sets and the production, the more I realised I wanted this. I really wanted this.

It was only when the interview drew to a close that I suddenly felt a little bit of a churn in my stomach. I didn't feel I had been given any indication of how well I did or whether I was likeable. I shook hands and went back to my car, half wishing I had never come here because now not getting the placement seemed even worse than before.