The second day the BBC called...

"Hello is that Jaime?"

It was a BBC Voice. I was in the car (mum was driving you'll be pleased to know) and I managed to grab my excitement and make it sit.

"Oh hi!"

'Hi' as opposed to 'hellloooo.' Much cooler. I was already doing much better than yesterday.

"I've been looking at your CV and wondered if you would like to come for an interview either Thursday or Friday?"
"Yeah, that would be great." Be cool Jay. Be cool...
"I can do tomorrow if you like."
"So shall we say 12?"
"Yep, that would be fine"
"I'll send you an email with all the details then"
"Great, looking forward to it!"

I restrained myself from finishing the conversation with the words "I love you" and ended the call.