Deadlines deadlines deadlines...

This afternoon I finally sat down and wrote out all my assignment submission deadlines for each module. It didn't really help.

Production Contexts

Yesterday we had our Production Contexts seminar. It was interesting, I like a lot of the thoughts that come out of it but I am still a bit confused. Are we writing a new survey each or building on one from previous students?

Deadline Survey Findings 23rd November 2012

Deadline for Essay 12th April 2013

Making It In The Media 2

My chat with Graham seemed to go well concerning the Financial Package. I am keeping the film down to 10 minutes, as few locations as possible and doubling up on Director and Writer to cut costs.
I discovered that editing time is usually measured at 3 minutes per day.

It took a while for Graham to convince me that this did not mean 10 minutes of film was equal to 30 days of editing time. (Me and my maths dyslexia!)

10/3 = 3.3 round it up to about 4 days of rough cut editing

I had been giving at least 2 weeks for the edit so of course my cost was going up

Apart from that it's just a matter of getting it all down on paper I think.

Deadline 10th December 2012

Scriptwriting Seminar

I have 10 days to finish my first final draft of a 60 minute TV drama episode


Deadline Draft 1 9th November 2012

Deadline Feedback 21st November 2012

Deadline Draft 2 30th November 2012

Deadline Final Draft 21st December 2012

Group Production

Our group pitches are on Monday. No comment

Deadline for Pitch 5th November 2012

Deadline for Factual Package 21st December 2012


I finally know which role I am settling down to and have an idea of what I will do to get marked on it.
I wish some of the stuff I've already done outside University could be included but I suppose it all needs to be fresh

Deadline for Presentation - mid-November