Today we practised our pitches for IPP.

I wasn't aware that we were actually rehearsing so that was a bit of a surprise.

Before rehearsing Lucy showed us some very interesting videos on different roles in the industry. One which stood out to me was this:


Roger Deakins - Behind the Camera from BSC on Vimeo.

Roger Deakins. Who, incidentally, was the DoP on Defense of the Realm which was directed by David Drury who I met while on work experience at The Paradise.

Small world.

Even though I wasn't fully prepared, I was able to do a small part of my pitch, revolving around a scene from The Remains of the Day

I used this scene to talk about the use of space and human behaviour in directing. If Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins had played this scene straight, standing in front of each other her begging him to let her see the book, it would not have been as sexually tense or anywhere near as dynamic. Using the space of the room created tension and drama and it gave the actors more purpose. Emma Thompson has a reason to dig deeper - because he is physically moving away from her. And beneath all the physical placement is the emotional chasm between the two characters.
This is the type of directing I want to do. Allowing the actors to perform to their full potential and finding the character's deep, desperate need in every scene.
I've said more on here then I did this morning. Hopefully my actual pitch will be much more coherent.
All in all, I had a great lesson. 
Right. Back to writing that TV Drama for Ben's class. 10 pages to go. A long 10 pages...Blood, sweat and tears...