Final Cut X Revised

Apparently Apple released an updated version of Final Cut X in October.

Today we were given a little tour of the software.

I still don't like the look or feel of it but there were a few things that caught my interest

I can really appreciate these features. A quick Q, W, E can place footage exactly where you want it. Neither Final Cut 7 nor Premiere Pro had me ever convinced it would put things in the right place.

These shortcuts really do work. I also prefer the wording (not that this matters) Sounds much more creative...

File...Save...NO SAVE! There is no "Save" option. Bit of a shock but obviously the software automatically saves your work every time you move your mouse, edit etc., Yet again, Apple are pushing us to trust them with our lives...

"No save!" then led to "Oh! No, Save As" which definitely needed an explanation

It is simply a matter of re-wording. Ctr Click on your Timeline (now known as "Project) and you have the option to "Duplicate Project" which allows you to save it under another name.

Panic over.

I was intrigued by what used to be the "Export" option. Just look at the menu that pops up when you click the little 'share' graphic that looks suspiciously unlike an editing term and suspiciously like an internet icon.

Look at the order of options you have to "Share" after 'Master File'

Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook.

I would be very surprised if a serious filmmaker would jump for joy at the prospect of being able to publish straight to any of these options. Most serious filmmakers are not going to put their productions online until they've released it properly.

Other than looking a bit teenybopper and trying too hard, FCX does the job and has some cool effects on the side.

However, it does beg the question...who was it made for?