A Chocolate Company Predicted Skype...

Well my Production Contexts (terrible name) Essay is in much better shape than I thought it would be by now. I have read many books, countless articles and thought a lot about the existence of television in the last few weeks.

One of the online articles I had to read for this essay but couldn't really cite from boasted an amazing image:

How cool is that? A chocolate advertiser predicting Skype 91 years before its time!

On Thursday we got a nasty shock with an introductory lecture to Advanced TV Studio when we suddenly realised a whole extra heap of productions were being handed to us. Apparently we have to make a music video and a theatre production.

So as well as making a short film as a group for Group Production, we also have to plan and produce a few studio productions in different groups - at the same time.

I do think the Group Production and Advanced TV Studio modules are too similar and cancel themselves out a little bit.


I have finally got my head around the IPP module. For that I am directing one scene from a play in different ways. I am quite excited about that one now. I get to work with two great actresses and play around with performances too.

As well as this I am working on my 3-5 minute pitch for Making It In The Media 2. You may say, well that one is just a pitch - but - there is a good chance that is the short I will make in year 3 AND you have to put as much energy into the pitch as you would when directing it.