Find The Sound Bites!

A few weeks ago, I was asked to make a short 60 second video for a startup website called Audacious.

The site is focused around the bible. It has a bible reader and an article creator. The site was created so that it could work out what you wanted to know about the God or a particular area in the bible and then provide you with a whole host of resources to answer your questions.

When I first heard about the site it was described to me as ' a scrapbook.'

That's all it took for me to get the visual spark for the video. Who doesn't love sticking bits of paper into a diary? Or hiding letters between the leafs of books? There is something very romantic about it. from Audacious on Vimeo.

Something Tactile

I have often noticed that the best videos about something, don't so much document what the something is, but make the something part of the video. The reason I signed up to Twitter was because I watched an animation telling me how ridiculous Twitter actually was as a concept. It was designed to make fun of the social network but it turned out to be a great advertisement. It got me hooked!

Car adverts. They are never about the cars. This one is about cake! Yes! I would love a skoda thank you!

That is why, instead of always showing the website with the articles online, I turned it into an actual physical letter. All the resources on the site are being pasted into an actual notebook. We like to feel paper under our fingers and we love the sound of pages turning. Which brings me to...

Hidden Sound Bites

It made me smile when someone came back to me after watching this video about 5 times and said, "Oh I just noticed the sound of..."

I took a lot of time making sure certain images had certain sound effects. That's what we live by. We don't just see something cool. We hear it. Sound is one of the most important agents to making video come alive.

What can you hear in the video?

Always Throw An Animal In (no animals were harmed in the making of this video)

The horses tied up in the nearby field were a gift for me. Despite the fact that they charged us (yes, horses do charge) I did feel they added to the piece. Animals make people smile. Hence the Andrex puppy. Let's face it there are very few humans you would want to cuddle if they were rolling around in a roll of toilet paper and chewing on it.

Creative License

I was, mercifully, given a LOT of creative freedom and license with this short video.

I am starting to notice that the more freedom I am given and the less the people who want the video made get involved in the creative process, the happier I am with the result and the more other people seem to like it too.

Lesson to be learned here?

Jay quote: "It is much easier to make a video about something when you actually like the something."