The Finish Line...a few suggestions to the gods of modules

One PDP essay and an Advanced TV Studio assignment to go...and then finished for the year.

Second year of a three year degree almost over. That went quickly.

If I could give feedback to the Course Makers here are a few things I would say:

  • The technical skills taught in Group Production/TV Studio should have been taught in the 1st year. They are very basic skills such as composition, using a camera, two and three point lighting etc., and students should have them drilled into them for the entire first year. I am quite sure there are some students who still have not even picked up a camera - mostly because they have not been forced to and are afraid to. This lessens the amount of people to choose from later when looking for good camera ops
  • In group work, group numbers should be monitored. By that I mean, when the lecturers say only 6 people are allowed in one group, they need to check that is actually being observed and step in when the students have allowed too many people into the group. This will have usually occurred because they don't want a fellow student to lose the grade just because they couldn't be in a group. 
  • The modules 'Group Production' and 'Advanced TV Studio' cross over too much and seem too similar. The work load is also too close together.
  • Seminar groups were a mess this year. Nobody knew (and I am sure still does not know) which group they were in for which module
  • There should be optional assignments for people who want to focus on specific roles. For my PDP I was told that I had missed opportunities for directing (which I agree with) when I could have taken on directing roles in university assignments. When there are only a few projects and they are compulsory group projects - how is everyone who wants to be a director meant to get the experience of being a director when there are lots of students who haven't had a go yet? Are we supposed to be dog-eat-dog and steal opportunities off other people just to be able to write a good PDP? I hope not. I really hope that is not the attitude of the university. If your role is director there is no way you will have been director on every assignment throughout the year. Should we be penalised for letting others have a go?
  • 'Production Contexts' is not a good name
  • Peer to peer marking. What are lecturers for?! Why do teachers have to take a whole year to do a PGCE and we are being asked to grade each other? If someone has a grudge against someone else you KNOW they will mark them down regardless of their work.