A Good Kick Up The Backside...

...that is what I felt I got this year. Or a slap in the face. However you would like to phrase it.

I have found 2nd Year, uninspiring, frustrating and depressing. Not being one to hide my feelings I let a few of my tutors know this and was encouraged by the wonderful staff on the Film and TV Degree. I was also encouraged to attend the end of year degree show for the screening of the 3rd Year films.

Excellent advice.

They say you need to read in order to be able to write.

I suppose equally, you need to watch in order to make a film.

Watching the short films that were screened really inspired me. They made me think about next year and what I should be aiming for.

Before the screening even began someone came up and asked me, "Have you started writing your 3rd year film yet?"

Luckily I had, a few days ago. Purely because I have had such a difficult year I was panicking about next year's project and felt the need to be prepared.

The screening has cemented what I was already feeling pushed towards. To focus everything I've got on the character of my film.

It was not surprising that the overall winning film was brilliantly written and focused on...character.

Daffodils for Dad was a very clever film. It drew you into the world of the character and really made you believe you were there.

It was really good to stay and hear the judges critique of the films too. Almost every negative comment had to do with not enough development of character. All the judges were very interested in knowing the story of the person on screen.

On a side note, last night made me wish I could ring up Tom Gutteridge whenever I have a new film idea and pitch it to him directly. That would separate the sheep from the goats rather quickly. Sometimes you just want that guy who won't spare you any sympathy.

Give me brutal honesty over flattery any day.