A Tip for 3rd Year Film and TV Production Extended Essay

Start in the summer!

You are asked to have at least 10 resources (I think) for your 3rd Year "Current Issues in Media Production"extended essay. That means a lot of reading. I have 6 main books to get through for my topic.

So I decided I should at least spend my summer reading them all

Make detailed notes

I am currently on to Book 2,  Chapter 3. 4 more books to go. But I am able to read at a steady pace, in my own time (which I have a lot of at the moment) think about what I am reading, make notes, ask questions alongside my notes, research details about the film or director I'm currently reading about...connect the dots...

Even though I haven't got very far through the material, I feel better. At least I have 17 pages of notes, almost 2 books and a lot of news articles behind me. It's only the second week in July.

Contact the authors

My topic being connected to the film industry in Turkey and what with all the demonstrations and hoo-ha going on there at the moment, it really is a current issue so I wanted a current interview with one or two of the authors of the books I'm reading. How will the current climate change the industry now? I wrote to two of them about 3 weeks ago and got a reply today. Good to start sooner rather than later

I don't know what my essay will be like, whether it will be good or current. At least I am doing as much as I can and researching as much as possible. So I'm giving it my best shot. Always good to start early if you can