'Harlot' - Preparing for The Shoot

Over July I have spent a lot of time condensing a feature film I have been working on for a few years into a 5-7 minute short film. With no dialogue. 

What I ended up with was a 5 page screenplay. Then somehow what I envisaged to be a Canon 5D MK II job has evolved into hiring actors, an ex-BBC cameraman and getting a great location to boot. I've never truly had the opportunity to direct a short film with a cameraman before. I'm truly looking forward to the experience.  

Now apart from getting the house ready for our actor and cameraman as guests, it seems to be a waiting game. I did a little recce with the Canon last night to see if on location filming from a car would work. It did. Beautifully. 

Costumes have been decided on (pretty much), storyboards drawn, locations have been chosen, a production schedule has been produced, call sheets printed, props listed, extras cast. Tomorrow I shall be investing in umbrellas. We are shooting in England after all.