'Harlot' - Last minute preparations

Yesterday and today have had me switching between choosing different cereals for the cast and crews breakfast, organising props and choosing a field monitor and an appropriate battery.

Initially I was trying to make a monitor with no battery into a field monitor with a battery. I then realised that I was not an engineer and looked online for a reasonable field monitor.

I went with the Lilliput 667GL-70NP/H/Y 7'' LCD Portable field monitor. Please fellow filmmakers - check what battery things take and whether or not you own that particular battery and if not whether it is easy to buy.

After misreading the Lilliput description I assumed that my Canon 5D MK II battery would work on this monitor. When it arrived I tried desperately to squeeze my battery into the adapter, to no avail.

Last night we ordered the right battery (we hope) and it arrived today. It's currently charging and we shall see.

  • Lesson one: Read the instructions very carefully

  • Lesson two: If you're going to use a monitor decide, find and test one a few weeks before the shoot, not the week before.

Everything else is pretty much sorted. Actor release forms are printed. Extra copies of the script are sitting on my desk. Snacks are bought. Notes are made. I guess now I just have to put my directing cap on and enjoy the shoot.