'Harlot' - Cutting it together

Sound design and Music. 

They say that really good soundtracks are unnoticeable when you are actually watching the film. The music is supposed to move your emotions without letting you know it is there. I recently watched 'Shadowlands' and when I thought about it I realised I couldn't remember one piece of music from the film. That is unusual for me. So I went back and looked through some of the romantic scenes. The music was there. So subtle. It never overtook the scene.

That is currently what I am working on.

I love being able to watch scenes over and over again, try different tunes to them, see what works what doesn't, bring new emotions in. I am trying very hard not to layer this short in music. I only want music to accentuate important moments and even then I don't want the audience to really notice it's there when they hear it for the first time.

At the same time I am doing the sound design. Little sound effects here and there...

In Other Notes...

I definitely undershoot. There were one of two scenes I just wish I had covered more. It still works but it would have been good to have another angle or a reaction shot. The other mistake I made was to work off the storyboard sometimes instead of the script.

One or two scene endings have been irritating to me because I hadn't told the actor to walk out of the scene. When I went back to the script it was there - 'Hosea walks away." Again, what I did works, the story still holds (according to the 3 people who have watched it so far) but it would have been cleaner, tidier, if I had those cuts.

The two main actors work so well together in this film. Andrew Harrison brings a subtle and quiet style to Hosea, little emotions here and there that you might miss until you see them on screen. Charlotte Gray's performance is wonderful. I believe she will go far. An extremely talented young lady.