Finding An Idea For A Short Film

I am very much aware that in 13 days I will be back at university again. I am also very much aware that we have to make a short film for our final year. I was convinced that I would have a short film written and developed over the summer but so far - nothing. It is quite a scary feeling when you run out of ideas.

So my task for the next week or so is to watch short films. You read to write therefore you watch short films to make short films.

So far I have watched 3 very good short films. At first I was a little down because the first two I saw were brilliant, but were also written and directed by established, older, quite well known writers and directors. I was under the impression that the nominees of Bafta shorts are all already in the industry. No hope for someone like me then. But then I watched the third one and it brought back the hope for the simple beginner. Here they are. I am not going to comment on them save to say that they are all very different but all very similar too.

Let me know what you think and I hope if you're struggling for ideas they may inspire you.

Kingsland #1 The Dreamer from Tony Grisoni on Vimeo.

REVERIE by Jaro Minne from Freewaves on Vimeo.