Do The Shorts That Win Tell A Story?

Tonight I felt like watching a few more award winning shorts to get some ideas and be inspired. I typed 'award winning short film 2013' into Google and the first thing that was thrown at me was the BAFTA shorts.

The winner of this years shorts was 'Swimmer.' I was able to find it on Vimeo. They say it has been shortened online due to the producers requests so I'm not sure if we're missing the story but my question is - is there a story?

It's great cinematography. It looks beautiful. It's very dramatic. But I would class it more as an advert than a short film. What is it about?

SWIMMER from Natasha Braier on Vimeo.

It was commissioned by the London Olympics 2012 and part of me wonders if that is what film awards are all about.

I am much more drawn to one of the other nominees, The Voorman Problem starring Martin Freeman and Tom Hollander. I haven't got my hands on the full short yet but the trailer alone draws me in much more than the other film. (Also it's Tom Hollander. He is a wonderful actor.)

Perhaps audiences don't want stories anymore

The Voorman Problem - Trailer from Mark Gill on Vimeo.