Harlot - Film Festivals

I have begun the tedious process of submitting "Harlot" to film festivals. It is quite a tricky business.

I had originally intended to submit it to Leeds International Film Festival because it is recognised by BAFTA. There is a list of BAFTA recognised film festivals. If you get it screened at one of those you are eligible to enter the BAFTA shorts (no, I'm not convinced it's good enough but why not, eh?)

However, when it came down to it I couldn't part with my £40, knowing that it was highly unlikely that the film would get chosen and risking all of £40 on one festival seemed a bit much.

Instead I went back to the list of BAFTA recognised film festivals and had another look.  I decided to go for a European one. IFFR - International Film Festival Rotterdam. Why? I think my style is more European and has a better chance. Also it was £10 cheaper.

Then I started to think, why aim for Bafta recognised? All I want is for it to be screened somewhere.

So today I have been busy entering it into various film festivals that I come across.

I am trying to avoid festivals that use withoutabox.com because it's a very clunky, unhelpful piece of software. IFFR uses wetransfer for short films which was wonderful.

Here is a list of Festivals I am planning to enter "Harlot" into this Autumn:

Aesthetica Film Festival (2014) - a friendly looking festival based in York running from the 7-12 November this year. Submissions for next year open in December.

Flickerfest (2014) - Submission deadline 11th October

Berlin International Film Festival (2014) - Submission deadline November 15th

CEVMA (2014) - Submission deadline June 20th 2013

Sabaoth International Film Festival (2014)

Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (2014) - It's free entry! Whoohoo! God Bless the French! Submission Deadline October 14th