First Day Back At School...


This Is It

It is wonderful, after a very long break to get back into a routine. First thing (9 a.m. That's 9 a.m.) was Current Issues in which we discussed our upcoming dissertations and asked Stephanie questions about structure and how to get books for free. I'm feeling ok about my essay. The subject really interests me (The identity of Turkish Cinema and where it's headed) so I find it fun to read about and fun to write. Unfortunately I have 2000 words of detailed notes which are all over the place and I have no idea how to coax them into coherent paragraphs at the moment.

At 3 we had a final year overview talk, which I have to say probably frightened everybody in the room but it was also inspiring. Basically, this year is all about doing the work yourself, selling yourself and preparing for work in the real world.

I still find myself quite torn. When I started here the plan was to do a few years work in the industry and then set out to do my own films. Now I can see that once you're in a job, it's not very easy to get out of it and I am also now married so can't go flitting off looking for any job just anywhere (I just moved into a place - I really can't face moving it all again for one!) I would like to stay around here if possible though I know TV work, especially drama, is scarce around here.

Graduate Application

Mick mentioned a graduate job opening in an advertising company called AMV. It's open to people in their final year since the job is for September 2014. I had a look on the website and the application process just to get an idea of what's to be expected.

Well. It was the most inspiring application process I've ever seen. You can tell they're a good advertising company. They made me want to work for them! They also made me want to start writing out an application form.

I think what immediately struck me was that they have taken the time to make something really attractive and really fun to entice talented people into their company. They obviously care about who they hire. I think more companies could learn from their approach.

Take a look.

AMV Graduate Application

I was also very impressed that we now have a dedicated somebody (Clare Fletcher) to help us find jobs and work experience and work on our CV.