Make Lots of Money


Live Group Project

We have to get into groups of 3-4 and come up with an idea for a Sky TV programme. This has to be done to a broadcast standard and we will be marked accordingly. We have to come up with a fully fledged idea for a programme, along with shooting schedules and risk assessments, plus a taster tape and a 40 second promo. By the 26th November. We get the brief next Wednesday.

Our homework for the week was to research Sky and their audience. I just had a little tinker around their commissioning site and Sky 1 "do not want traditional, presenter-led feature ideas." Sky living is looking for traditionally 'female' subjects with an angle to them. They are also interested in 'hidden lives'. Aren't we all.

I really struggle with briefs along these lines because I tend not to watch the type of shows that are on Sky if they're not drama. I really dislike 'An Idiot Abroad' for example, one of their most popular shows.


I have to say, despite my preconceptions, todays lecture on 'Making It In Media' (award for best module title ever) did hold my attention. I hate business. I don't like the idea of making money. Well, that's stupid - let me rephrase. I don't like the idea of making money through something I love and that is an art form. Never have. Never will.

However, I do find the principles of business fascinating and it is something I can get interested in. It's a side that I know I need to learn and have always wanted to learn so I'm game.

I've been trying to find business plans of famous businesses and discovered a very early business plan for Apple (Macintosh). The layout and graphics are to die for!

Preliminary Macintosh Business Plan

The Big RB has some advice for startups (even if he is rubbing his hands together in delight at your imminent failure)

Richard Branson: How to pitch a business idea