Final Project Idea

What with being too shy at first and too ill recently to share my idea for my final project in seminars, I feel a real need to put my idea out there and get some feedback. So, rather unlike me for a change, I am just putting it out there.

I would really appreciate it if you could tell me your thoughts on it as a story, anything that doesn't make sense to you and any questions you have about it

"51 Percent"


 A half Turkish, half English girl living in the North East of England tries to make herself accepted by the Turkish community by learning to belly dance like a Turk.


 Asli is a young girl suffering from panic attacks and a lack of stability. She has a strained relationship with her father who she believes doesn’t understand her because he is English. Her mother, who was Turkish, died when she was quite young leaving her alone with her father and little or no contact with her Turkish heritage.
Asli has fallen for a young Turkish boy, Murat, whose family wants nothing to do with her because she is not fully Turkish and force Murat to give her up. After seeing a group of Turkish girls dancing at a party for the first time, Asli decides that she can prove she is just a bit more Turkish than English by learning to dance as well as they can. She will prove she is "51%." 
She teaches herself to dance and eventually performs outside Murat’s house in the hope that they will accept her. The family chases her away. Despite being heartbroken, Asli comes to terms with a part of her identity and reconciles with her father.

Possible Problems

Turkish speaking actors

I am not sure I can find or know any Turks based up here in the North East who can act or who would even be willing to act in this film. I am trying to write it so there is little or no Turkish dialogue. I do know a few Turkish restaurants in Newcastle and Darlington which I could use for one of the scenes (where Asli sees the girls dancing for the first time)