I have to say I find Mick's lecture's very interesting. It is a subject I have never bothered to look at before. How you appeal to different groups of people with your product is quite fascinating. I suppose, ultimately, it's just another way of analysing human behaviour.

For example, we were showed a few different advertisements for Nike.

Aimed at women who are busy but want to run: career driven woman, mothers
Then there's this
It took a little while for this one to sink in.
"The only thing worse than going to the ballet, is going to the ballet to watch your son."
Wow. So in one sentence Nike have managed to say a) Ballet is for girls b) Any boy who does ballet must have something wrong with him c) a man doing ballet isn't really a man d) all fathers would hate to see their son doing ballet
Notice the tiny little writing down there in the corner 'Raise a champion" or maybe it says "Raise a champ" - I think it's curious how the page curls just right to lose the 'ion' off the word...
From a marketing point of view it's probably one of the best. 
  • It plays on emotions. 

  • It plays on a parents emotions

  • It plays on a man's emotion (which I find are far more set and longer lasting than women's)

  • It plays on a value that has been created in a persons upbringing - something very hard to change or break

  • It plays on the notion that 'if you are different you won't be cool'

  • It plays on peer pressure

  • It plays to a (I'm guessing) largely religious, church-going group of 'manly' men who read "Wild at Heart" (To be a hero, to be a warrior, to live a life of adventure and risk -yuk!) and believe that having manly man times with other men is the answer to being a man. There are a lot of that type living in America. 
So, I guess what I am learning is that marketing really can be ruthless. You just have to view getting your product out as a way of exploiting people's beliefs, emotions and values and you'll create a great marketing plan. 
Of course, there is always plain funny and sexy too...