Final Film Project

In 2 weeks time I will be picking up the equipment I booked out and getting ready to start filming "51 Percent."

I hoping that the age old saying planning is half the battle comes true. We have spent the last two months in pre-production, sorting cast, locations, props, scheduling, budget, fundraising, storyboarding and crew. This week we have a few rehearsals and then we just have to do it.

I keep saying to myself, I don't care what happens during the shoot, I need to get these scenes in the bag. I also want this to be fun. It's a fun story. It's essentially a light-hearted story and it's about growing up. Yes, it is our final project and a lot of our grades rest on it being good, but if it becomes deadly serious and we can't have fun, that will reflect in the final product.

Looking back, I am amazed things have come together as they have. Tomorrow night, I have a group of girls coming round so I can show them the restaurant scene and what the dancing involves. We also have 2 professional belly dancers willing to take part in the scene. It's exciting.

So...roll on 18th March. I look forward to working with you.