Final Film: Directing Actors

How do you prepare as a director to direct your film? I like to learn by watching experts. Since I didn't have access to any tangible directors around me prior to the shoot, I sought out education online and through reading books.

Here are a selection of resources I used before shooting "51 Percent." Whether you think the film turned out well or not, these are still wonderful resources that I would recommend to anybody.

Michael Caine's Acting in Film Workshop series. There are 6 parts to this and I would advise you to sit through the lot, both for actors and directors (and writers):

Alexander Mackendrick: A Director Prepares. This is a little treasure. The cuts are wonderfully unnatural and we learn that the shots from the video 'tape' cameras can be switched in real time in the control room. However, the material is based on a book by Peter Brook and there are some great tips and ideas for getting a performance out of your actors and how to set up the environment to allow the script to come to life
Then from the master of suspense and thrill, Alfred Hitchcock gives us a wonderful story to illustrate storytelling at it's best. It's only 2 minutes long but one of the best lessons I've come across:
Another master of storytelling, Steven Spielberg. Here is a tribute to him at the DGA, Steven being interviewed by JJ Abrams and James Cameron. It is quite long but this director has some fabulous experience and his way of directing is much more to my liking in that he appears to be not so tied down by format and rules of the trade.
(Sorry about the boring links, some of the youtube videos won't allow embedding) All worth a watch and I feel I learned so much.