The End

I can't believe I have finished. When I started university, 3 years seemed like forever. Now it just seems to have flown by. And I'll be 30 next year. Eeek!

What will I be doing next? Nothing that will have the university chasing after me for publicity I am afraid : ) I will be going back to making short films and music videos for a Turkish Christian TV channel, Kanal Hayat . For the next 6 months I will be putting together 6 half hour music programmes, producing most of the content myself. Just a little daunting but something I truly love doing. Coming up with new ideas for short films and stories for music videos is hard but so rewarding.

I am still deciding whether to finish this blog here and start something new, or to carry on. After all, we never stop learning and my education has not been solely that of Teesside.

On that note, here is a small selection of short films that I have found interesting and thoughtful.

Perfection, written and directed by Karen Lin. I really like this one. It had me hooked from the start and I just love the message in it. Yeah! Just breathe and turn the machine off!

Powder Keg, BMW Films, written and directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Honestly, I didn't really enjoy this, but that's probably because I am not a gun film kinda gal. The use of suspense and build up is something to learn from though.

Little Favour, written and directed by Patrick Viktor Monroe. I must admit I have not watched the full film. I saw this mash up of it on youtube (I only watched it because it stars Benedict Cumberbatch) and it got me interested. Cunning little twist in there...Here's the trailer. Now available on iTunes, apparently...Bit violent for me.

My Jihad, written by Shakeel Ahmed and directed byAl Mackay. A really sweet little film that unfortunately, I bet, won't get watched as much as it might if it had a different name. But I like the name too. It's brave. The whole film is brave and gives a very interesting insight into breaking the boundaries of culture.

My Jihad

Cold, by Waseem Shaikh. Ummm...Well, I always judge how good a film is by whether it holds my attention from the start (having said that I am sure a lot of my productions don't) and this did not hold me captive to it. I made myself watch it and found it a little draggy-outy. It's shot beautifully, I love the way the lives intersect I think that's clever, but I am not sure why it is award-winning. Perhaps because the subject resonated with so many people? After all, we really do live in mini islands most our life don't we? And becoming more and more isolated and unfriendly and lonely. Interesting.

DISCLAIMER: I watch these films to learn how to make better short films, not necessarily because I think they are good or agree with what's in them.