The Ticking Clock

I have been working on a ticking manual (manual digital???) clock on After Effects after finding this tutorial:

A Self Animating Clock Tutorial

It is pretty easy to follow and lovely clean graphics but something seemed wrong about mine. When the second hand turned it got smaller towards the 3 and 9 O'clock points. It didn't make sense. I could not work out what was going on. I checked the clock circle shape to make sure it was a circle - it was. I checked that I had done the correct formula. I looked around on forums and couldn't find anything. I wondered if After Effects was broken.

I played around with the colours scheme while searching the vast wilderness of the internet for clues. 
It was like one of those evil Super Mario levels you can never get past no matter how many times you play and you start getting up at 6 a.m to try and buy more time...
FINALLY I managed to spy one comment in a forum that made me go back and check my Composition Settings....
Sure enough, it was on WIDESCREEN and needed to be switched to SQUARE PIXELS. 
Problem solved.
It's very frustrating when you were simply one click away the whole time and spent hours searching for the solution. 
Writing and Creativity
I realised that I have to take at least one day a week to be creative and come up with ideas for the TV show I am making. It is not a luxury. If I don't there will be no content. 
It is quite hard to get in to the mode of seeing a day of writing at your desk and watching films, lectures and reading news to get ideas as 'work.' It feels like I am cheating. It's also much harder to use the time effectively. However, I was surprised that something new got written once I made myself put pen to paper. 
I would actually advise anybody who is in the sector of creating content, especially if you're a student, to take a day or two to just brainstorm ideas, looks for new ideas, write a load of rubbish and fill your mind with stuff you wouldn't normally think about. I wish I had given myself that discipline while I was doing my degree. If I had done that every week, I would have 312 writings days worth of ideas now. Even if most of it is bad, there would be quite a lot of potential writing. 
Do it! It's worth it!