Let's Talk About The Rain | Filming A Music Video For Tyneside Rain & Don't Dream It. Screen It.

Have you heard about the BIG event happening next month? Well, you should have!

It's the DON'T DREAM IT. SCREEN IT. event in partnership with Mima and Laura Degnan from Writers' Block. 

What is it?

It's a two day music festival across Teesside, March 13th and 14th 2015, showcasing a whole host of local musicians as well as some workshops. The music videos will be screened in various local venues simultaneously and all this in aid of CELEBRATING the Teesside music scene!

You can find more information and get involved with Don't Dream It. Screen It. here:


I had no idea how much local music there was around here until Laura asked me to get involved.

I had already submitted two previously filmed music videos I had filmed for the festival, Over the Yardarm and The Jon Palmer Acoustic Band (which can be found on my website www.jbmoussa.com)

I was then sent a link to Tyneside Rain and clicked on their track "Let's Talk About The Rain." As a lover of music and a songwriter myself, I knew immediately that I had just found my new favourite song and that I would love to make this into a music video.

So I approached Roger Wicks, one of the creators of Tyneside Rain, his co-writer is Syd Collumbine and they agreed to filming a music video.

The musicians organised the venue, which happened to be Darlington Railway Museum, and I turned up Friday morning at 9 a.m with my backpack, tripod and lights raring to go.

Having never been inside the museum before I was pleasantly surprised. The ceiling was made up of glass windows, letting the morning light fall through down onto the beautifully designed track with vintage trains, setup with vintage suitcases piled high on trolleys. My eyes lit up. This was a filmmakers dream set.

I quickly noticed a spot that gave amazing lens flare and a beautiful soft light around the singer, positioned her and got to it. Never having done a music video before, Caitlin Morrow warmed up after only a few takes and really shone, with her sweet, casual style. A powerful voice, projected with apparent ease.

I shot with my Canon 5D MK II and for most of the shots I used a Pressman Lens 1:28 135mm, which was passed on to me on a shoot by Abandon Hope Films (who is the kind of lighting/cameraman/director you WILL want on your shoot by the way and does some really great short films - look him up) 
The Pressman Lens 135mm is a relatively cheap lens, fantastic for getting that soft, vaseline look and getting a huge DoF (everything blurred behind even when you're taking a wider shot) 
Note: You can't use it handheld though there is no image stabilisation. 

For shots where I needed to go handheld I used the standard Canon EF 24-105mm, which ain't cheap but I use it ALL the time as a go-to lens so try and afford one if you can. 
Back to the music video, since this was for an event and was done pretty much on the fly without much planning or budget there not a huge amount of prep for it. 
"Let's Talk About The Rain" is part of a Rock Opera (called Tyneside Rain - who'd have thunk it!) so there was a very definite character and story behind the song. I tried to bring this out in a few of the little details you will see in the film. Subtle, but hopefully sets the scene for the audience. 
"In the early 1970's, when the story is set, a government minister claimed there was a cycle of deprivation in which problems repeat themselves from generation to generation.  The victims were largely blamed for the circumstances they found themselves in.  Tyneside Rain features protagonists who are beset by factors which contribute to this vicious cycle.  

In Let's Talk About the Rain, Caitlin's character busks at the station for spare change.  She realizes that despite all her efforts to make a better life for her family she is locked in to this cycle of despair.  She can't change anything.  The French would have had a revolution; the English accept their fate and talk about the weather." - Roger Wicks

You can find Tyneside Rain at these sites:

Caitlin Morrow performs with her semi-acoustic rock band Occasionally Ben:

Writers' Block NE is a wonderful organisation that do a lot of workshops and events for creatives. Check 'em out:

If you are a singer or a band and want a music video for this event filmed by me then just get in touch as I am doing these at a reduced cost specially for the event: