The Key | A Short Film by Moussa-Mann Productions

I wrote the script for The Key after being inspired by a painting. It's not a painting I would say I love or even really like - but it is one that really made me think.

It's a guy chained up to the neck, unable to move, looking up to a shaft of light seeping through his prison cell, all the while...the key to his chains are in his hands. 
I once listened to the artist talk about the reasoning behind his painting. That we, as humans are all caught up in chains and we all hold the key, but we need someone else to take the key from us and unlock those chains, yet so often we refuse to hand over the key to our freedom. 
So I made a film about it. Quite a literal film too. What I tried to build into the film was the relationship between the prisoner and the guy who comes to break him out. The prisoner, after years of abuse and isolation, trusts no one - not even the person who has come to help him. So the guy has to figure out how to find a meeting point, a mutual interest, a place of trust with the prisoner.

The Key from Jay Moussa on Vimeo.
We shot this in a day, in a little stone garage, with minimal lighting, lots of silence on a Canon 5D MK II.

Writer/Director: Jay Moussa-Mann
Lighting Director: Kev Harte 
Prisoner: Bill Fellows
Man: James Senior
Guard: Kevin Moussa-Mann