Falling In Love With Film Again

I'm using this time now to get myself back to why I wanted to be a director. As much as I believe university taught me business, gave me a useful certificate and developed my pitching tools, it also crushed my passion and love for film, by teaching us to believe that research, formats and target audiences are the most important thing about production.

I read a wonderful quote from Guillermo del Toro, director of Pan's Labyrinth.

"Nobody that I remember in the 1970s or 1980s was talking about target audiences, tracking, which studio was weaker, or four-quadrant appeal. It's entering the building the wrong way. One of my most cherished rituals when I am shooting is waking up really early and playing 20-30 minutes of one of my favourite movies just to remind me what it is I am doing."

I want to go back to the almost child-like innocence I had in simply wanting to make films because I loved to watch them. Watching entertaining, good films makes me happy and I want to make films that I want to watch.