How To Conduct An Interview | A Few Basics


1.Have a few questions to warm up with. People become more relaxed and friendly the longer they chat to you - we hope - so leave your best questions for when you're a little way into your interview, once they've warmed to you 2. Never ask closed questions, for example:

Q. Do you like Taylor Swift?

A. Yes/No

A better way to phrase it would be:

Q. How do you feel about Taylor Swift?

A. Blah, blah, blah

Even better be more specific:

Q. How do you feel about Taylor Swift being chosen as one of the nominees for Time Magazine person of the year?

A. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah

3. Prepare your questions well. Know as much about the person as you can but listen to what they are saying in their answers before you just storm on with your next question

4. Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT tell them what to answer. And try not to let them prepare their answer too much. A lot of people want your list of questions before the interview. Don't give it to them. The answers sound rehearsed and stale. You want natural and candid. Having said that there have been many times where I was working for clients who insisted on having the interviewee know the questions and prepare answers before filming. The way I see these situations is, the organisation is paying me for a film they want, if they are insisting on breaking some of my rules and they are sure about that - just do the job and get paid. Some jobs are just jobs and you do your best but you can't always have complete creative control.

5. DON'T talk all over their answer. Pause. You will hate yourself when you get to the edit and you have an amazing interview but you can hear your voice going "Yeah, oh yes, of course, tell me more" all over their answers

6. Look interested, be interested and LISTEN to them. If you are just looking down at your questions while your interviewee is talking from their heart, they're going to feel like you don't really care