Lighting Tips | Beginners Filmmaking

I find lighting very boring. But then, it is quite boring. It's like painting except without the fun of a paintbrush and paint. I feel like, for someone like me, half the time you are trying to corner and tame this invisible being and coax him into a shape that vaguely makes your story work for the better. His name is light and he is elusive to me. This video has a few lighting tips for beginners. They may be very basic for some but there may be a few things in there that could help you.




Useful equipment:

Blackwrap - aluminium with a black coat of paint which totally blocks out light and can be used to direct the light from your lights. It's easy to cut and fold too.

A mirror - Can be used to diffuse light if you shine your light onto it and then direct the mirror onto whatever you're trying to light, it softens the immediate light. Can be restricting depending on the size of your mirror

A reflector - A bigger mirror and a must have. Use it outside to eliminate unhelpful shadows on your subjects face by reflecting the suns rays onto your subject. Have fun trying to fold it afterwards though!

Portable LED lights - they can run on batteries so are great for shooting out and about. The couple we bought were brilliant for filming in a pitch black forest and getting some very nice shots. These are affordable and light nicely.