Who Is Socality Barbie?


This morning as I scrolled through my twitter feed, I came across a tweet informing me that Socality Barbie is a great storyteller. Well, that had me. I followed the link which took me to an array of gorgeous instagram photographs documenting a hipster Barbie doll in various locations. At first glance, it just looks like somebody's wonderful idea to take interesting photos of a Barbie doll but on closer inspection (and after reading a few articles) I discovered that it is in fact a comment on social media. Socality Barbie travels the world taking perfectly constructed photos of her life whilst writing often cheesy and amusing quotes beside them.


Waking up at 10am was so worth it to get that perfect light & fog.

A quote perhaps a lot of instagrammers can relate to? Socality Barbie is a dig at all those social media people who spend hours trying to get the perfect photo of their everyday life, just so they can post in online. These people are accused of being 'unreal' and not at all authentic.

I appreciate the social comment but at the same time I am not sure what the problem is. As a filmmaker, my whole work-life involves setting up lights, props and recording equipment, orchestrated to create the most invented scenario possible, whilst at the same time trying to make it look and feel 'real.' I don't see that as being disingenuous, I see it as art.



The truth of the matter is that more people have the ability to be their own artist online, without taking the traditional routes most artists have had to take to prove their choice of vocation. I wonder what I would have done age 6, had I had an iPhone and instagram. I think those of us who are older and artistic wonder quite a bit how our creativity might have been cultivated earlier had we had all the tools we do today.

Is it that we are all setting out to deceive everyone into thinking we live perfect lives, with perfect lighting and gorgeous settings? Or is it that we are creating a world we all long for. A slice of heaven online?