Script to Screen | Part One

Getting an idea for a film from your head onto paper and then onto screen is a lot more work than most people give it credit for. It also takes a very long time. There is a reason you hear about Hollywood films taking 7 years to make. They are not talking about the shooting time, but about the time it takes from the conception of the idea to the screening of it. Here is a basic breakdown of some of the steps:

  1. You have an idea
  2. You spend days, weeks, months, even years mulling that idea over, forming it and making it better
  3. You spend even more time telling yourself you can't write it
  4. Finally you nervously sit down at your computer and write your first draft. This part is the most creative freedom you will ever get so enjoy it
  5. Rewrite
  6. Rewrite some more
  7. Final draft
  8. You strut around the house for a few days, script in hand feeling accomplished and telling yourself you've made it
  9. Reality hits. You realise that you will need money to make this film
  10. You sit down and start to draft out a budget, working out how long each scene will take to film, day rates of cinematographers, make-up, costume etc., and totting it all up
  11. Have a mini heart attack at your budget
  12. Revise the budget
  13. Have another mini heart attack when after you revision the cost somehow increases


What is your process for getting an idea onto screen? Let me know in the comments?