Stop Filmmaking!


When I made my first ever film (the one I pretend never happened because it's cringeworthy!) one of the actors we hired told me something I would never forget. He said,"Do lots of different things in life. Don't just make films. Listen to people. Watch the news. Have experiences. Because living life is what will make you a good director and that is what will make you tell good stories." I still have a lot to learn, but he is so right. Which is why I'm going to let you in on something I do when I'm not writing scripts, editing or filming. I draw and paint. I have always loved painting and drawing. I did art A-level which made me stop art for about 10 years but in the last year or so I've picked it up again and this time it's been different. This time, I paint whatever I feel like painting. And so far, I've enjoyed painting characters from TV series I love - AKA fan art.

Why do this? I think for one it uses a different part of your brain, which is healthy. I also believe that you need a break from filmmaking once in awhile. Otherwise things become stale.






It doesn't have to be painting. You could start an art journal...or write a book. Or build something. Get off your laptop, do something that is tactile and requires 'making.' Go horse-riding. Go for a hike. Read a real book, even re-order your wardrobe. Just do something else for a while. Take your eyes off the lens and take in some new ideas. Honestly, it will do you the world of good.

It might even inspire your next film.