iCandy | A Short Film

I usually write and shoot stories with quite a dark side to them. iCandy was my attempt at writing something heart-warming and sweet. I came up with the idea of sibling rivalry. iCandy is about a young boy who loves candy but is plagued by his older sister stealing his precious sweets.

I wrote and storyboarded the film over a few weeks and it was shot in about the space of two hours. This is not ideal for any film, but I was using two non-actors whose parents had kindly allowed us to use their house to film in before dinner time and we were on a tight schedule. I always wanted to shoot it with one camera (the Canon 5D MK II) and no crew (due to no budget) but if I had had a budget I would have liked to spend a lot more time on the shots and lighting. As it is, we have the story and I like it. The story is what I wanted it to be. Hope you enjoy it.