The Best YouTube Channels For Filmmakers

I think it's quite difficult to find good filmmaker channels on YouTube. What I found when I started looking for specific filmmaking-related channels to follow was that the majority were geared around production equipment. There was very little about how to direct actors or how to come up with simple yet watchable short film ideas. That is partly why I wanted to start my channel. There is a huge hole where filmmakers with experience should be passing on their knowledge. There are loads of directors and writers out there who are far more qualified than I to be giving the next generation tips and tricks and encouragement. Unfortunately, I think the nature of the job is against a lot of filmmakers in this. It requires them to keep furthering themselves, or to not talk about current projects, or simply that the filmmaker are a little bit snobby about being on YouTube. Which is sad. Filmmakers are supposed to be the ones who see new things as a tool and get excited about them. Not snub them because they feel intimidated. I have a few filmmaker channels that I watch regularly and I wanted to share them with you guys.

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