Short Film Ideas | Part 1

This is part one of a video series I've made to help you come up with an idea for a film. When I knew I wanted to start making short films, one of the problems I had was finding a simple idea to get started. I went online, trawling through many sites looking for inspiration. I found nothing. So here is a little exercise to help YOU create your own film idea. FIRST you need an interesting character. All stories are rooted in the character. Think about your favourite films and books. Who is the main character? What is interesting about them? What makes them the heart of the story? Usually, the plot of a film is good but it is the way the character responds to the drama that makes it all work.

You can watch this video straight through to let it sink in. I would suggest you watch it with a notebook and pen and a finger over the pause button. Pause it after each question and get writing. If you spend as little as 2-3 minutes writing each section you'll soon find yourself building up a rich character biography.