Short Film Ideas | Part 2

Hello and welcome to part of this 3 part series in Short Film Ideas. In part 1 the exercise was to help you create your character. In this video I want you to think about what your character really wants. I think a wonderful and very visual example of what a character might want is Scrat in the Ice Age films. What does he want? He wants his acorn and he will do anything to get it.

Just watch him a bit. Of course this is a humorous character and his level of needing that acorn becomes hilarious, but at the heart of every character is something similar. A need for something or someone which drives them. Scrat, after falling through to the very core of the earth, still wants his acorn. Which is why we feel so terrible for him when he is parted from it. We have been shown just how much it means to him.

Your character's 'treasure' can be as small as a cup of tea, the important thing is that it has to matter to your character and you have to show how much it matters to your audience.

Today's tasks: Decide and write down what your character's current 'treasure' is. What is it that they really really want in your story? What they will do anything for?