Famous or Fulfilled? 


I went to a really great lecture the other day. It was aimed at people making their first feature film so aimed to give filmmakers a view of the landscape of British cinema. There were a lot of graphs and numbers. One graph showed the highest earning film genres. The highest earning films were genres like action, horror and comedy. The least were romance and musical genres.

Shame my feature film is a musical romance.

It made me think. A lot of filmmakers I know make or want to make horror. Is that purely down to love of the genre or is it because they want a successful filmmaking career?

Because I realised that I don't want a successful filmmaking career. I want to make the films I want to make. I would like to be a good director and a good storyteller. I don't want to make films that tick boxes or make profit so that I can climb the career ladder.

And I think it's good to decide what you want. That way you can plan your strategy.

Are you going to focus all your energy into raising funds, learning to write and direct brilliantly so you can make that one film you want to make or are you going to make films that will win festivals, earn critical acclaim because they tick boxes and eventually give you a paying job as a director?

Because although you need to be talented whatever you choose, they are different choices and will require different things of you.

I want to make films I want to make, even if that means I never become well know for making films and even if I never make a living from it.