First Feature Film | Ruth The Musical


I have finally started on the journey to getting a feature film made. It's a very exciting and intimidating process, more exciting than intimidating and I want to log the whole journey through blogging and vlogging, mainly for myself, as a diary but also because if it successful, I want others to be encouraged and inspired to take a similar step. Ruth The Musical will be my first feature film and something I have had a passion to make for nearly 8 years now.

Short Synopsis

Ruth, a young woman who, after the death of her husband, chooses to accompany her mother-in-law back to a foreign country and must make a life as a poverty-stricken foreigner, a scorned and unprotected woman. Ruth manages to find employment in the lowest position, working as a gleaner in the harvest, picking up what the harvesters leave behind. Then a wealthy and respectable man, who happens to be the owner of the field comes into her life and both women's future is changed forever.


In 2008 I decided I wanted to write a feature film musical. I had been reading the story of Ruth in the Bible and felt it was a beautiful story that lends itself perfectly to the landscape of a theatrical musical. The story is about women, love, courage and prejudice touching on themes of loss and redemption.

I started writing the songs in 2009 and simultaneously wrote the screenplay. I finished the first draft in 2 months, recorded the songs and left it to one side. I attempted to raise interest in the film then but did not have enough understanding of the industry to really move forward. I did manage to raise £600 seed-money.

I came back to the screenplay in 2013 when I took my first draft and re-wrote it completely, using all the experience I had gained since my first draft and teaching I had learned through my recent degree. Using some of the seed-money I had saved, I sent a copy of this draft to the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum for their script report and received such positive feedback that I felt able to move forward with the development of the film. I've also recently been accepted onto the Creative England & Northern Film and Media Talent Modules designed for prospective first-time feature filmmakers, which is invaluable and has some of the cream of the crop in terms of industry professionals giving lectures.

I have always composed songs and I have always had an inherent love for filmmaking. Combining the two is where I feel the most comfortable and it is also the way I receive stories best, through visuals and song.


The budget for the film is £150,000. Why that much I hear you ask? Well, sadly making a film is expensive. I never used to understand why it cost so much and this budget is actually very low for a film. When I started getting into budgeting and understanding how to schedule and break down costs it started to make sense.

Think of it a bit like a wedding and how much they cost: The flowers, the musicians, the decor, the catering... Then imagine having to hold a wedding at that cost every day for about 2-3 weeks. Make sense?

Here is roughly where the money will be going:

Producer/Actors = £43,240

Crew/Catering/Equipment Hire/Makeup/Costume/Accommodation = £111,926

How You Can Help

We are looking for people to partner with us in making this film. If you would like to, you can become an investor by contacting us directly, but if you want to contribute in a small way, you can download my album "Risky Magpie" on bandcamp and all the proceeds will be going towards the film production. You can buy the album for £7 or give more if you feel that way inclined. I like to think you actually get something for what you give and this album took time and thought.

Check it out below: