iPhone Apps For Filmmakers

Once upon a time the only way to get into filmmaking was to either have enough money to afford the VERY expensive equipment or know someone who already owned it. Now, with the price of good quality cameras becoming more and more affordable that is no longer the case. You can make a film using your phone...a film that might even win festivals if you try hard. With this development in technology comes a lot of filmmaking apps and I have a few tools that I use in my filmmaking.

  1. iMovie. This is a video editing app and surprisingly I loved it. It was clean and easy to use, didn't crash and gave me some lovely results. If you've been editing mainly on a laptop or desktop then switching from keyboard to touch screen might be strange but I soon caught on.
  2. Procam. Not impressed. This app claims to be a must for filmmakers because it gives you manual controls over the camera (ISO, shutter speed, colour temperature) but I didn't like the results. I am sure it lost quality in the process. Tell me if I'm using it wrong.
  3. Celtx Script. Perfect for having your screenplays to hand and simply accessing them on your phone while shooting on location or in a studio.
  4. Celtx Shots. I love this app! It comes packed with little images of cameras, tracks, people, windows, doors and so much more that you simply drop into frame and arrange to create your camera and scene setup for each scene. It means you know what camera movement you had planned for each scene and where you wanted your cast in relation to the camera.
  5. 500px. Not an app made for filmmaking but one that can really enhance your filmmaking skills. This is where professional (and amateur) photographers upload their art and believe me there are some stunning photos on their. I think photography is a wonderful place to turn to for filmmaking inspiration. Looking at these images can inspire you to film a scene in a new way or even give you a visual idea if you're stuck on what to do. We need to draw from other artists as artists and I think this is a great place. Also, it's really fun if you upload some of your own photos and watch them climb the popular ladder!

What's your favourite filmmaking app?