Budgeting Your Film

What does budgeting actually mean? When I didn't really know a lot about the industry or how it worked, I could never understand why films cost so much money. Where did it all go? Why did the actors costs that much? It was only when I started to learn to budget myself, that I realised that it wasn't just the A-list actors huge salaries that cost a lot.

Imagine every one of your crew cost you the same per week. Let's say £300.

Then imagine you have a moderate crew of about 15. That's 15 people x £300 which equals £4500. Ok, now let's say it will take you 2 weeks to make your film.

That's £4500 x 2 which means your film will cost £9000 so far.

Then add on catering. You have to feed people. They will be working for you from morning till night and need food at the right times to keep working well.

The average catering company charges around £30 for breakfast, lunch and dinner per head. So £30 x 15 = £450. That's £450 per DAY on food for your crew. Multiply that by 10 days and you add another £4500 onto your budget.

So far your film is costing you £13,500 to cover just the crew salaries and food. Do you see how it all can add up?

It doesn't have to cost you a lot though. You can make it look professional with the right people and patience.

Remember, the most important part is ALWAYS the script!