Beautiful | A Low Key Short Film

I wrote Beautiful because I wanted to make a short film that solely concentrated on the story and the character interaction. I was fascinated by dysfunctional families and the way we are drawn to dysfunctional characters, probably because we see so much of ourselves in them. I wanted this short to feel as though it was a fly-on-the-wall documentary, being captured on the hoof. I purposefully chose not to use microphones and lights, partly to have the freedom to tell this story while improvising with the actors, partly because I felt it added to the atmosphere of the film.

The characters are very, very loosely based on my parents (my father has never taken a match to any of my mother’s art supplies!) and it was all shot in our home over a period of two days, working out the dialogue and motivation with the actors.

Beautiful is a docu-fiction about love, loss and reparation. It’s quirky and playful and I do believe there is an audience somewhere for it.

A couple argue over the amount of money spent on art supplies. Watch out. It's all about to go up in flames... A film by Jay Moussa-Mann. Starring Kamil Moussa, Kathy Moussa and Ellie-Mae Sayers. Shot on a Canon 5D MKII and a 50mm prime lens. No external mic, no lighting.