Film Lighting with Chinese Paper Lanterns

An affordable and relative simple way to light an evening scene is to use Chinese Paper Lanterns and a lens with a wide aperture. 

My husband Kevin and I experimented with this style of lighting a few months ago and I was really happy with some of the results. 

Initially we tried to light using tiny LED battery operated lights. These of course would not throw enough light on the subject. 

I did a little research and went out and bought two LED 3.5W bulbs which fit my photography light adapters. 

These gave a lot more light and in the right position the paper lantern lit the subject just as I wanted it to. In hindsight I perhaps should have used two lanterns to light the subject but even so it was enough. 

Something I'm learning to think about more and more is not just the lights lighting the scene but lights in the background that are simply there for aesthetic. This is why I bought a bunch of fairy lights (warm white) and decorated the background to really add to the atmosphere of the piece. 

Watch the video below to see the results in a little more depth.