A Filmmaking Tip Every Day #Vlogmas2016

Hi everyone! This year I decided to do #vlogmas for the first time, but not your usual vlogmas. I didn't want to do follow-me-round videos or lifestyle topics. I decided to try and produce a filmmaking tip or tutorial every day until Christmas. 

The idea was that not only would I force myself to learn more and filmmaking and think more about the way I make my films, but that I would also be giving information and knowledge to everyone else! The perfect balance. 

The whole month covered various topics from camera moves to finding a story idea, chatting about directing styles to my favourite filmmaking channels and best short films to watch, amongst a lot of other topics. It was great fun to do and I feel I had an extremely productive and educational month because of it. 

If you missed this or you're new and haven't seen my videos before, please check out the playlist below and catch up on all you missed over December 2016!