Composing A Song For A Musical | The Director's Logbook

Writing A New Song

I am working on the pre-production and fund raising of a feature film musical called "Ruth The Musical." 

All of the songs were composed and complete a long time ago but I realised recently that the two main characters still did not have a duet together. 

I set about last week starting to compose a duet for the two lead women. I was worried it would be difficult to find the same feel and tone but I was pleasantly surprised with the result and I am now excited about finishing the duet. 

I've made a vlog about the process of how I go about writing the songs for this musical. Have a watch of the video and see what you think. There is an introduction to the film's concept but the link should take you to where the composing bit starts (3:20) 

My name is Jay, I'm a freelance filmmaker and my channel is The Director's Logbook on YouTube.