5 Short Film Ideas | October 2017


Short Film Ideas | October 2017

When I first started making short films and trying out this wonderful art form, my biggest struggle was that I wanted to make a short film to learn how to make films, but I couldn't think of any good stories or ideas to turn into an interesting short film.

I spent countless hours searching the internet for short film ideas. Nowadays there are more resources out there but not as many as you would think.

So here are 5 prompts I have come up with that you can use to create your own short film.

May they spark your imagination:

1. Bonding with a newborn isn't an instant process but obviously, it's not something a lot of new mothers can or will talk about because it might look to other like they don't love their child. Why not explore a mother who is struggling with these feelings. Ask some questions - What did she expect to feel? How does she feel instead? What extremes will she go to to cover up what she's going through? What will she do to overcome her negative feelings? What won't she do?

2. A child who has difficulties making friends befriends a stray dog. He/she is not allowed a pet. Against all odds this child and the dog must stay best friends because they've all each other has got. What sort of turn could this story take? It's a difficult one to start with because you're working with two very unpredictable actors - children and animals - but don't let that put you off too much. 

3. Friendships come and go. Some end for seemingly no reason. But perhaps there is a reason. Explore a friendship that simply dissolved. Does the past hold unspoken words or a dark secret? What really happened between two friends? Or could it be simply that they grew apart and you focus on the sad reality of time changing us and setting us on different paths? 

4. How far would a person go to make someone else pay for hurting them? Teenage girls fighting over a boy? Or grades? Or new friends? What have they done to warrant revenge and how will the revenge be carried out? What are the repercussions of that revenge?

5. Take an unexpected hero (nervous, quiet, unfashionable) and send him or her on an adventure to retrieve something precious that will save the life of someone very close to him or her. Think, good old fashioned hero adventure but this only has to span 5 minutes just make sure to give your hero some obstacles to overcome - dragons, old witches, puzzles...It could be modern day flung into fairytale or all modern day. What would the equivalent of a dragon be in modern day? A fire-breathing boss? A crowd of scary teenagers? Just make sure your hero is someone who will become interesting under pressure. Do they have a phobia? Put them in a room with that phobia? Are they usually non-confrontal? Let's see them confront? 

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(c) Kevin Moussa-Mann & Jay Moussa-Mann

(c) Kevin Moussa-Mann & Jay Moussa-Mann