Film Lighting | Lights, Limitations and Mood


I ordered some new lighting gels recently because I wanted to see if I could achieve a look with my photography lights. In this video I talk about the mood lighting can create, the difference between professional (expensive) film lighting and other types of light and what you can do with what you have. 

If you only have cheap work lights or photography lights, I would definitely invest in some black wrap and some gels to give you more control. 


I have been trying to do more filming with my iPhone 6 Plus recently and decided to make a video about what I have learned so far. One of the main points about filming with your iPhone is the amount of light you get into the camera. The more the better basically. 

Something that really divides professional filmmaking from amatuer is lighting, not just if it's used but how it's used. There are a few different tools you need to make your iPhone footage look more professional but I would stress that lighting is the key. 

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